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Important care, maintenance, and warranty info below!


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Technical Information


1.Mechanical watch


Turbion Carrera automatic winding mechanical watches obtain energy through the automatic pendulum top triggered by the movement of your wrist. The wrist movement ensures the watch to maintain the correct time. Automatic winding mechanical watches do not require batteries. Depending on different watches, the amount of power stored is in the range of 20 to 36 hours.


Description: The accuracy is affected by the wearing way of watch ( see the“Notes” section).


2.Waterproof performance


The water resistance of all Turbion Carrera watches is up to 5ATM or 165ft. That means your watch can withstand splashes, shower and is suitable for swimming. It is not suitable for water sports, pool-side diving or sea diving. (details check the “Precautions” section )




Correct use of Turbion Carrera watch can ensure long-term normal operation and precise timing.



Do not expose your watch to the environment with drastic changes in temperature (immediately immersed in cold water after insulation) or extreme temperature (above 60 degree or below 0 degree).


Magnetic field

Do not expose your watch to strong magnetic fields, such as perimeter of speaker, mobile-phone, computer or refrigerator and other electromagnetic devices.



Avoid thermal shock and other shocks that may damage your watch.


Hazardous products

Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. which may damage bracelet, case or washer.


Daily Margin of Error


The power of the mechanical watch the energy released from movement clockwork. Manually-wound mechanical watch by rotating the crown around a wound to supplement power; self-winding mechanical watch both the daily arm swinging around a wound kinetic energy through the movement of winding components to supplement power can also be manual winding supplemental power.


The larger movement Clockwork output torque is relatively stable due to the movement of different sizes Clockwork size, the mainspring torque stability will affect the mechanical watches go mass. Therefore, the movement of different types (different diameters) travel time accuracy and other technical indicators were different.


Affected by Earth's gravity, the mechanical table flat or stand up, the travel time error is slightly different. Within 24hours, walking is a normal error in the range of-15~41s/d. Cumulative error increase, affect the timing requirements, guidelines to adjust the time according to the user manual.


Maintenance and Servicing


Daily properly maintain and the maintenance can make your Turbion Carrera to watch the course of time fresh.

 1. Cleaning


We recommend that your watch be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to prevent sweat-induced corrosion. All waterproof watches (except leather band) can be cleaned with a toothbrush and clean water and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth.


2. Desalting


In the case that your watch is soaked in the sea or accidentally fallen into the salt water, rinse it out with warm clean water and wipe it dry thoroughly.


3. Airing


In case of airing, do not place your watch in places with large changes in temperature and humidity nor place it under direct sunlight or near strong magnetic fields.


Lifetime Warranty

 Click link below for warranty info:


Environmental Protection


As the interior of a watch contains recyclable materials or potentially polluting parts, to protect the environment and make contribution to human health, we advocate that you do not throw the product with household wastage, but should hand it to the local authorized collection agency, and then you will be a force of protecting the natural resources.


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